We have formed relationships with affiliates who share/serve our missions and goals.

Cyber Warfare Range (formerly The Arizona Cyber Warfare Range) – our primary range operator. It operates cyber warfare ranges on behalf of the foundation.

Wisconsin Cyber Threat Response Alliance (WICTRA) – our Wisconsin cyber warfare range operator.

Tech Data Cyber Range – a corporate cyber range operated in Tempe, AZ. Generating well over 100 million dollars in revenue for the company in its first 90 days the Tech Data is a global distributor of technology and represents over 125,000 cybersecurity-focused businesses worldwide.

Pima Community College – a collaborative partner operating a cyberwarfare range in Tucson, AZ. Our first educational partner, Pima Community Colege has seen significant growth in enrollment while other educational institutions have been losing enrollment. website

CWR ISAO – an Information Sharing and Analysis Organization to collaboratively share threat intelligence, cybersecurity news, and best practices.

CWR Academy – offering cybersecurity education, training, workshops, conferences, events, and boot camps.

If you would like to work with our foundation please contact us,